EMU 5.4: Improvments to match changes in the Broadworks software

EMU 5.4 improves the functionality and stability with a number of new frameworks. This includes access to extra information (not available via APIs) and communication using SSH. Improvments in EMU have been made to match changes to in the Broadworks software. These include the ability to detect changes in the Collaborate Bridge naming and improved […]

EMU 5.2: Extends the micro-services framework to the backup function

EMU 5.2 extends the micro-services framework to the backup function. It, extends the scalability of the platform by using a farm of EMU servers. A new license variation report has been added to make it easier to compare license allocation against standard templates. JSON data support has been extended over the API set. Many improvements […]

EMU 5.1: Further improvements in performance for API’s calls

EMU 5.1 adds a micro-services framework and scheduling features, along with improvements to the functionality of the platform to enrich the management and provisioning of the BroadWorks platform. Below is a summary of the top features and enhancements EMU 5.1 has to offer. Enhancements Performance Improvements in Micro-Services framework Support for extended Basic Authentication New […]