EMU 4.2: Enhanced migration features

EMU 4.2 adds enhanced migration features along with improvements to the functionality of the platform to enrich the management and provisioning of the BroadWorks platform. The following list is a summary of the top ten features and enhancements: New inter-platform migration type New intra-platform migration type Five new selectable migration contexts for each migration type […]

Efic’s Export Line of Credit is helping BroadSource manage its cashflow and take on new export opportunities

AUSTRALIA | 29 April 2017 | Efic website BroadSource provides IT solutions and platforms for global telecommunications companies, with a focus on building and implementing cloud-based telephone systems and developing companion software products. BroadSource specialises in the BroadWorks® platform. Along with installing BroadWorks® globally for a range of professional service providers, BroadSource also designs and develops […]

EMU 4.1: Introducing EMU COMPARE

BroadSource is pleased to announce the G.A release of EMU 4.1 and the eagerly awaited EMU COMPARE function (diagram below). BroadWorks operators now have EMU to COMPARE customer configurations in an instant, isolating changes and drastically reducing the length of customer support calls. No more 20 questions before the fault is found. The following features have […]