Client Release Management

Branding, Packaging, Testing and Publication of BroadSoft's client apps

Simplifying the release process

Managing many different BroadSoft soft-client builds is problematic for Service Providers.  Many of our customers use BroadSource's Client Release Management Platform to systematically brand, package, test and publish client apps for iOS, Android, Tablets, Mac and Windows.  Headache gone!

Service Providers make BroadSoft's client applications there own.  With that comes hundreds of items to manage, across multiple operating platforms, multiple versions and in some of our customer's cases, multiple languages.  BroadSource is managing all of this for customers across the globe.

Getting into a cycle

It is difficult for Service Providers to co-ordinate the effort and bring the diverse team of people to together to 'push' new versions of BroadSoft's client applications out to the market.  BroadSoft continues to release new versions of their client applications to enhance functionality and resolve issues.  Every time, a new version of application needs to be built and released to customers.

BroadSource has solved all of these problems with its Client Release Management Platform.  It controls all of the branding assets, logos, graphics and icons, language files for the different operating systems and versions that need to be managed.  Automated testing routines and test cases from hundreds of builds mean the result is a well orchestrated release process for your branded client applications.

Complete Release Management

Using the industry's leading software management, testing and distribution platforms, BroadSource's Client Release Management Platform delivers a robust and repeatable way for BroadSoft's client applications to move from unbranded, untested versions through to branded, tested and published applications on the Apple iStore and Google Play store.


Storing and version controlling the thousands of assets needed to brand a fleet of client apps


Building the clients, specific to the Service Provider's environment ready for testing


Checking that all of the branding and customisations are suitable for publication


We deliver the finished product for you to publish or we can publish for you


What People Say

The BroadSource guys were the clear choice when we needed expert systems integration. They know all the key technologies we use to deliver Cloud UC, across BroadWorks our IMS and mobile network, plus how the OSS and BSS systems need to integrate into the solution. They contributed to the end to end solution.

MARCO WASSINK Program Manager Vodafone Germany

BroadSource was instrumental in getting our platform to market and we are so glad they are now looking after our platform so we can get out and sell the services.

NIGEL KESWICK Managing Director Novum Networks

Their experience and global insights are unrivalled. They were, simply the difference for us.

GRAHAM EVANS General Manager Vocus Communications

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