The Profile displays the profile information and allows you to configure your name, email address, portal password and Voice Mail passcode.

Login Password Reset

You can reset the portal access password here. You need to know the old Password to reset it, or else, this can only be modified by your administrator.

VM PIN Reset

You can reset the Voice Mail access PIN here. You need to know the old PIN to reset it, or else, this can only be modified by your administrator.


The Directory displays your organization’s directory listing.


The Logs display the last 20 records of your received, missed, or placed calls.


This is the announcement repository where all your announcements can be viewed and maintained.

To add an audio announcement:
  1. Click the “+” button.
  2. The Add Announcement page willappear. You can drag or drop file or browse for file from your computer.
  3. Click Save.

To delete an audio announcement:
  1. Click the delete icon corresponding to the announcement file you want to delete.
  2. A pop-up will appear for you to confirm the action.
  3. Click Delete or Cancel.

Voice Management

Voice Management allows you to specify how to handle your messages.
You can set up your voice messaging options, notification of new voice mails, carbon copies, and allowing callers to press 0 to reach an alternate location.

Incoming Call Features

Do Not Disturb

The Do Not Disturb feature allows you to send your calls directly to your voicemail box without ringing your phone. You can enable the Ring Splash to remind you that the feature is On. When the Ring Splash is enabled, the phone will emit a short ring burst to inform you when the call is being sent to voicemail.

Anonymous Rejection

Anonymous Call Rejection allows you to reject calls from callers who have blocked the display of their number. Only deliberate anonymous numbers are rejected. Callers whose numbers are unavailable are not rejected. Callers that are rejected are informed that you are not accepting calls from unidentified callers. Your phone does not ring and you do not receive any indication that they called. However, this does not apply to calls within your group.

Call Forwarding Always

Call Forwarding Always automatically forwards all your incoming calls to a different phone number. You can enable the Ring Splash to play a short ring burst to your phone to remind you the call is forwarded.

Call Forwarding No Answer

Call Forwarding No Answer automatically forwards all your incoming calls to a different phone number when you are unable to answer the phone.

Call Forwarding Busy

Call Forwarding Busy automatically forwards your calls to a different phone number when your phone is busy.

Call Forwarding Not Reachable

Call Forwarding Not Reachable automatically forwards your calls to a different phone number when your phone is unreachable.

Outgoing Call Features

Speed Dial 100

Speed Dial 100 allows you to assign a prefix and a two-digit dialing code to a frequently dialed or hard-to-remember number. You can assign up to 100 numbers.
You can set, modify and delete a Speed Dial 100 entry here.
To call using the Speed Dial, dial “#” + “2-digit speed code”.

Automatic Callback

Automatic Callback allows you to request notification when a busy line becomes available. A distinctive ring will be used to notify you when the user is available.

Caller ID Blocking

Calling Line ID Delivery Blocking allows you to block your number from being shown when calling other numbers. Members of your organization can still see your number when they are called.

Advanced Features

Busy Lamp Field

The Busy Lamp Field feature allows the users to monitor a list of people in the organization so that they would see them when they are busy or free.
Only the Group Administrator is allowed to create a list by assigning BLF keys on the user’s deskphone using the VDM (Visual Device Management).
To enable visual notifications for calls being parked/no longer parked against monitored users, check the Enable Call Park notification box.  De-select the box to stop the notifications.

Call Recording

This section allows you to configure the Call Recording (CR) service.
How to set your CR service:
1. Select call recording mode.
    – To automatically record all your calls in their entirety, select Always.
    – To automatically record all your calls with the ability to pause and restart recording during the call, select Always with Pause/Resume.
    – To record selected calls, click On Demand.  When you select this mode, calls are automatically recorded from the beginning to the end. To keep a recording, you must record the call. Once a call recording is marked as kept, the pause/resume functionality becomes active.
   – To record selected calls from the instant you make the request, select On Demand with User Initiated Start.  This mode differs from all of the other modes in that the recording of the call is not started until you record the call.  Once the call is being recorded, the pause/resume and stop functionality become available.
    – To turn call recording off, select Never.
2. Enable/disable the play call recording start/stop announcement notification. This option, when enabled, the end user receives an announcement notification that call is being recorded.
3. Enable/disable the record voice messaging. This option, when enabled, allows the call recording of voice message(s) left for the user in their voicemail.
NOTE:  This option is only displayed when the user has voicemal service.
4. Specify how you would like call participants to be notified that recording has been paused or resumed (Beep, Play Announcement, None)
5. Configure the recording notification parameters.
   – Enable Record Call Repeat Warning Tone, the end user receives a repeated warning tone notification while the call is being recorded.
   – Set Record Call Repeat Warning Tone Timer to control the elapse time in seconds before repeating the warning tone notification the end user receives that call is being recorded.
6. Click Save.