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Get them to Cloud.

EMU Migrate

Get them to Cloud. EMU Migrate

The increasing demand to move staff from office buildings to working from home has accelerated the transition from premise-based telephone systems to feature rich and economical Cloud Collaboration services. Unfortunately, the transition process can be complex, leaving the promise of better business communications and productivity a distant goal.

Whether you are just launching your new Cloud Collaboration service or managing millions of subscribers, the migration and ongoing platform management tasks become more complicated as you evolve and scale your offering.

EMU performs many subscriber manipulation tasks that were once thought of as impossible, and specializes in the management and integration of BroadWorks platforms.

We have developed a range of functions, to solve the toughest of subscriber management problems.

Controlling operations and software development costs are critical to your profitability. It’s all about time, effort, cost and delivering better, flexible services to your customers.

Accelerating Migration

Accelerate your customer transition to your Cloud through seamless, automated migrations at scale.  Reducing the time to subscription revenue and minimizing customer churn.

Take control of your daily operational costs and simplify the management of large volumes of subscriber configuration data.

Simplifying Software Integration

EMU gives you everything you need to supercharge your software integration development efforts and brings together your Cloud Collaboration systems and product functionality. It does it in record time, with precision and accuracy, and scales to enormous capacity in the Cloud Collaboration environment.

Coupled with our project engineering methodology, we provide end-to-end delivery and a comprehensive Cloud Collaboration solution.

EMU makes it easy to construct new customer facing portals, analytics and reporting engines, CRM integrations and new business logic. It accelerates the software development timeframe and protects the developer from the complexity and variability of Cloud Collaboration platforms, like BroadWorks and its proprietary interfaces.