Managing user configuration


The Profile describes the staff member’s details and the numbers that have been allocated in your organisation.

For the first time, enter the first and last name of the staff member who will use this number.

From time to time you may also need to change the details of the person who has been allocated this telephone number.

User Specific Phone Number:

Each user can be assigned a customer-specific phone number for communication to external parties.

Pursuant to section 66k, paragraph 2 of the German Telecommunications Act (TKG), the customer is legally obligated to only add additional call numbers and display them in the public telephone network if it has the right to use the numbers. This Act also states that the customer may not use numbers for directory enquires services, mass calling services (e.g. 0137), innovative services (e.g. 012), premium services (e.g. 0900) and numbers for abbreviated dialing services as additional numbers and transmitted into the public telephone network.


Each telephone number in your organisation can be allocated a physical handset device.

For every telephone number, you can choose what make and model handset is required. Choose from the drop down list to make the required selection.

The MAC address uniquely identifies the handset. This 16 digit number can be found on the outside of the box it came in or on the underside of the handset itself.

Busy Lamp Field

The Busy Lamp feature allows staff members to create a list of people in the organisation that they would like to see when they are busy or free.

Using this feature they can:

  1. Choose which people from a list that they would like to monitor
  2. Remove people from their monitor list

Enabling this feature on a desk phone will require two configuration steps:

  1. Administrator: grant permission to monitor certain users, by selecting the users from the list and saving the configuration changes
  2. User: assign BLF keys on their deskphone via One Net Manager

More about configuration via One Net Manager

Mobile Integration – DMI

This feature requests the full mobile number of your staff member’s Vodafone mobile number.

It allows staff in your organisation to use their mobile phone to make and receive business related calls using their organisation’s number. Allowing them to take their business number with them no matter where they go.

When a call is made from their mobile phone, the business telephone number is being shown as making the call.

When people call the staff member’s business number they will also receive the call on their mobile phone.


The use of the One Net Express app and the login to the user portal require the registration of a participant. The participant independently assigns user names and a password.

Please enter the participant’s email address here. The request for registration will be sent to this email address.

Once the participant has made the registration, the email address can no longer be changed. Changing the email address causes the request for registration to be sent again.

After successful registration, the selected entry is displayed in the “Login name” field.

One Net App

Staff can use a desktop computer, tablet or smartphone to make and receive business phone calls.

This can be done via our One Net App.

With available licenses you can allocate to each staff member a One Net App they can use as an additional business communications device.

Once downloaded from here and activated on these devices, they combine with the staff members physical desktop handset using the same telephone number.

More Information about the One Net App can be found here.

MyRoom Licenses Assigned

Number of available and already assigned MyRoom licenses.

MyRoom is a personal web conference room. Up to 145 conference participants can either dial into a room (planned conference) or be called into the room by the owner of the room (ad hoc conference). MyRoom supports chat, audio, video and screen sharing.

Note: In order to activate MyRoom, it is imperative that the administrator selects a number for dialing in by telephone. To do this, use the menu to switch to the “Site Services” – “Collaborate Bridges” area.


E-fax is a web application that lets you send and receive faxes without using a physical fax machine.

You can activate this feature for each staff member and allocate an available fax number that they can then use to send and receive electronic fax.


Hunt Groups

With a hunt group, all calls to a particular number are distributed among a group of people.

The distribution of the calls depends on the policy you apply to the hunt group.

There are a number of different ways (Policies) to send calls across the group of people (Agents). Descriptions of how each type of Policy operates can be found here.


Agents are the staff members of your organisation that you would like to group together to share the responsibility of taking incoming calls.

They can be added (assigned) and removed at any time via this feature.

Choose from the list of staff members which ones will participate in the receiving calls when this Hunt Group is called.

No Answer Settings

Sometimes staff are not available to answer incoming calls to the Hunt Group. There are ways to gracefully manage how these calls are then treated.

Skipping to the next Agent after a certain number of rings ensures callers are managed as quickly as possible.

In the event that no staff member in the Hunt Group is available, then the caller can be forward to another, maybe external or main number.

A Hunt Group can also have a voicemail box attached to it so that the caller can leave a message if nobody is able to answer.

An email address can be nominated that allows the voicemail to be sent as an attachment for follow up.

Managing Virtual Extension Numbers

Add Virtual User

Virtual Users are extension numbers that your people can dial to reach people that are outside your business environment.

An example might be a key supplier that your people often call. They can use an extension number to reach them instead of dialing the full number.

As the administrator you can create a list of virtual user extensions and publish them to your teams.

a) Nominate a first and last name for the virtual user (typing or speaking is fine)

b) Type or speak the FULL telephone number that you would like One Net Express to call when the extension number is used

c) Allocate between a two (2) and six (6) digit extension number that your teams can use to represent dialling that organization, department or external location

d) Hit the CONFIRM button to ensure the entry is saved.

Managing Group Night Forwarding

Group Night Forwarding

All calls to people in your business Group can be manually or automatically forwarded to a Group Voicemail box or Auto-Attendant.

For example, if it is after hours or you, as the administrator would like to temporarily forward calls (in an emergency or company event).

As the administrator, from the drop down menu:-

a) Choose to ENABLE all calls in the Group to immediately forward to the night service of a Group Voicemail or Auto-attendant or

b) Have One Net Express AUTOMATICALLY ENABLE the forwarding to Group Voicemail or Auto-attendant at a scheduled time of the day or holiday date.

These times (opening hours) and dates (holidays) can be defined by you as a part of your Schedules in the OneNet Manager portal.

More about Schedule configuration via One Net Manager

Managing Collaborate Bridges

Add Collaborate Bridge

One Net Express makes available special telephone numbers in your business for people publish as audio conference bridges.

In addition to multi-party chat sessions using ‘My Room’, people can host meetings and have callers dial into their ‘MyRoom’ using the Collaborate Bridge number (and unique Conference ID)

These Collaborate Bridges are identified by a name, which you can choose and the number that callers will dial in to join the ‘My Room’ Collaborate Bridge.

a) Type or speak the name you would like allocated to the bridge

b) Select the number to be used from the drop down list of available numbers.

Examples might be:

  • Sales Team Collaborate Bridge
  • Finance Team Collaborate Bridge

Phone Site Directory

Add an entry

To add a person to your phone directory type their first and last name or using the microphone button, you can speak their name and have it automatically transcribed and entered.

Now type or speak the telephone number that they can be reached on.

Import many entries

If you have a number of people to add to your phone directory, you can upload a file from your computer. The file needs to be in the CSV file format and must use the following format with each entry on a new line:-

Name1, Number1

Name2, Number2

Name3, Number3