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EMU Adapt

Make them use it. EMU Adapt

The concept is simple, the implementation is unique. Our mobile technology predicts individual needs, instinctively adapting and re-configuring your Cloud, in real-time, resulting in the increased adoption and consumption of your Cloud Services.

Context Aware Collaboration Clouds

Managing the multitude of Cloud Services via a web portal or User Interface (UI) is a complex undertaking, and as a result, nobody uses them.  We think the best UI is no UI.

Everyone has a mobile phone within reach, 24 hours a day.  It is a powerful sensory device, and our patented mobile centric technology uses these sensors. Coupled with your Cloud Collaboration features, EMU Adapt automatically manages Cloud Services on their behalf. Predictive and automatic, EMU Adapt requires no explicit user intervention.

EMU Adapt eliminates the complexity and has truly re-invented the ‘human to Cloud interface’.

The hybrid workforce is now the norm and people are ‘context switching’ from work mode to personal across multiple devices all day, every day. EMU Adapt drives the Collaboration Cloud to automatically ‘context switch’, helping staff better manage their work-life balance and businesses meet regulatory obligations.

Simplify. Differentiate. Retain.

EMU Adapt accentuates the value of powerful Cloud Collaboration features, making them look, feel, and act smarter.  These experiences become habitual.  We know that once habits set-in, they are hard to break.

It’s all about simplifying the use of Cloud experiences. By leveraging the sensory capabilities of a smartphone, we can make life easier for your subscribers.

Differentiate your offering by providing a smarter, more intuitive environment for your subscribers to interact with your Cloud. The most successful Service Providers will be those who not only promote their network’s functionality but those that can give their customers access to that functionality in a simple and hassle-free way.

The hybrid workforce and employer obligations

In today’s mobile world, with access to our workplace 24 hours a day, no matter where we are, work/life balance is a challenge.  The emergence of the hybrid workforce is forcing employers to re-assess their obligations and set clear, formal boundaries that help their people to manage their work commitments and their personal time.

EMU Adapt harnesses AI to supercharge Cloud Collaboration services and assists businesses in their endeavors to support their workforce.

EMU Adapt is a mobile centric, digital first approach. It uses sensors, time, state, configuration, location, beacons, gestures, and integrated software on smartphones to create contextual awareness.

  • Go into Do Not Disturb when the mobile is face down
  • Stop work calls when the mobile is in the kitchen at dinner time
  • Switch to ‘business mode’ when you walk into your home office
  • Hide a doctor’s mobile number when calling a patient for an update, but display the mobile number when calling his mates because he is running 15 minutes late for the first tee
  • Divert phone calls when in dangerous working environments
  • Stop your desktop and laptop from parallel ringing when you leave the home office and run up to the store

With EMU Adapt, the possibilities are endless. 

Don’t gamble with compliance and security

Achieve PCI DSS compliance in your Contact Center and for your hybrid workforce, no matter where they are.

If you’re in the call center business, you know how important it is to ensure customer credit card details are protected at all times. Pre-COVID, it was a lot easier. You could achieve PCI DSS compliance by maintaining a paperless workspace and pausing recordings when cardholder details were being shared. But if your agents are now working from home, can you still monitor that? And have you updated your policies and practices to ensure you’re still compliant?

EMU Adapt delivers PCI-DSS compliant solutions for all agents including those at home.

Our card detail clamping technology is as secure as it is easy to use and it descopes PCI DSS for merchants by around 90%. It doesn’t interrupt the natural flow of the conversation between your customers and staff either. Cardholder details are clamped in our network. That’s upstream of your business, including the homes of your staff, so agents won’t need to pause audio or screen recording ever again.

The risks of non-compliance and the odds of experiencing a data breach are high, not to mention the associated fines, brand damage and resulting customer dissatisfaction.

Compliance and security is not just for big corporates

Compliance and security is no longer a problem isolated to large corporates. No matter what size or industry, small businesses, franchise, retailers, medical clinics, in-house departments like accounts, hotel reservations, even the local golf proshop, need to protect their customers by concealing credit card details when taking payments over the phone.

EMU Adapt makes PCI DSS compliance possible for any business, of any size, in any industry and it does it seamlessly, without disrupting the call.