Bringing Cloud UC Services to life

The secret industry problem.  Only a small fraction of the Cloud UC features available to customers are being used.  It's a big problem for Service Providers.

What if Cloud UC platforms automatically and in real time reconfigured themselves to meet the changing needs of its customers as they went about their day?

BroadSource invented PiPA, an IoT application for Cloud UC that drives daily consumption of services without user intervention.

PiPA creates wonderfully simple user experiences called 'Recipes'.  These Recipes. running in background on the mobile phone, interact with the Cloud UC platform, informing it when and what to change to meet the users needs.  Habits are formed and habits are hard to break!


PiPA combines the growing list of smartphone sensors with the power of BroadWorks features to create the real time, contextually aware 'Smart UC Network'.

PiPA's patented technology creates the 'wow' factor never before seen in Cloud UC offerings.  A truely differentiated offering.  Service Providers build business cases based on churn reduction and increased user 'stickiness'.

No longer are Cloud UC services compared on price, but on 'the experiences you can't live without'

PiPA is the convergence point that links the physical world of the business person to the digital world of their Cloud UC service.


User experiences that change everything

Creating real time contextual awareness means PiPA intelligently reconfigures the array of Cloud features without any user intervention.

The right features are activated and de-activated at the right time, without feature conflict, without manual intervention.  No longer does a user need to remember to change from 'Business' to 'Personal' Persona after hours.

PiPA's patented user experiences are intuitive and innately human. The genius is the simplicity.


Simple Persona Management

"When I'm away from the office, make sure my Personal Profile is active"

Better Customer Service

"When I'm busy onsite, have my office answer my customer calls."

Interruption free meetings

"When we all sit down for meetings, we won't be disturbed."

One Mobile, Multiple numbers

"I have all my different numbers active on one mobile phone, not three!"

Simple Recipes used throughout the day

Recipes combine any number of the mobile phones sensors and the array of BroadWorks Cloud UC features to remove the need for a person to actively interact with their service.  The Cloud UC service just knows when the user leaves the office, or enters the boardroom for a meeting.

A location, or simple gesture or the time can all be triggers to re-configure the Cloud UC service.

BroadSource have developed an extensive portfolio of Recipes that reflect the different situations in the 'day in the life of a Cloud UC user'.  These Recipes are stored within the Service Provider's environment made available to download to the customer's mobile phone.

The Recipe combinations are endless with both the handset manufactures and BroadSoft (Cisco) continuing to evolve their platforms, creating brand new Recipe ideas every day.


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