BroadSource and Park Bench Solutions enter strategic OEM partnership

AUSTRALIA | 25 October 2017

Today BroadSource and Park Bench Solutions (PBS) are excited to announce a strategic partnership that combines their platform capabilities for BroadSoft  BroadWorks™ based Operators.

For over three years BroadSource and PBS have been collaborating on customer projects and joint software development to improve the way owners and operators of the BroadSoft BroadWorks™ platform manage their Cloud UC solution.

This OEM and joint development partnership brings together their two platforms,  BroadSource EMU and Park Bench Solutions Odin capabilities

Speaking at BroadSoft’s Connections event in Phoenix, AZ this week, Haydn Faltyn CEO of BroadSource said “A powerful end to end management solution for BroadWorks™ based Service Providers is now available.  By combining Odin’s functionality with our flagship management platform EMU, we have created a unified solution for all users. System administrators, Customer Group Administrators and end users can manage every aspect of BroadWorks™ from bulk provisioning an enterprise, migrating or merging customers to micromanaging an individual setting for one end-user. The team at Park Bench Solutions have been have been instrumental in supporting our projects over the years and we are now very excited to formalise this great relationship.”

The BroadSource, Park Bench Solutions partnership means that existing and new customers will benefit from integrated capabilities.

The EMU and Odin platforms have been solving different problems for BroadWorks™ Service Providers for a number of years.  EMU solves the complex workflows in platform auditing, updates, migration, group backup and recovery en masse.  Things Service Providers just haven’t had a capability to do in the past.

“Odin delivers the best customer experience when using BroadWorks™.  It’s modernised customer administration, provisioning and end user portals are super intuitive allowing customers to enjoy the same excellent management experience across any device.  We are excited for the opportunities an integrated EMU and Odin solution will bring to the BroadWorks™ ecosystem” says Mark Tribbe, CEO of Park Bench Solutions.

About BroadSource

BroadSource is a specialist global software development and telecommunications engineering company with fifteen years of telco engineering experience based on BroadSoft’s BroadWorks™ technology. BroadSource applications are solving real world scenarios for our Global Service Providers. Transforming the way they manage their subscriber data on one hand and re-defining the mobile UC user experience on the other. BroadSource solve problems and create opportunities for their telco customers through:

  • Product and Software development team
  • Complex Engineering Project capability and
  • Global Operations Centre

BroadSource’s EMU and PiPA products are transforming the way BroadWorks™ services are consumed and their ‘Task Delivery Platform’ has transformed the way BroadWorks™ projects are delivered. With offices in Melbourne, London, Seattle and Dusseldorf, BroadSource have active projects for global service providers in AsiaPAC, Europe and North America.

About Park Bench Solutions

Park Bench Solutions Inc. is a next-generation software and services company. They have built their focus around tying solution services together by integrating them into the world-wide leading hosted voice provider, BroadSoft and the BroadWorks™ application platform.

Their unique Platform, Odin, can connect easily into any existing Solution Provider’s infrastructure to serve as a growth engine to fulfil BroadWorks management, integration, automation, and provisioning.

Park Bench Solutions extensive knowledge with Communications-as-a-Service (CaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) allows Service Providers to extend their capabilities by taking advantage of their core unique platform and products, along with their professional services and development expertise.