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EMU Releases

Latest Release

EMU 2022 Q3 Release Announcement


EMU continues to deliver more automation, deeper integrations and additional configuration settings to customise the capability of EMU implementations and offer our customer’s a point of differentiation. This release of EMU brings more enhancements to the user interface and the core platform.

What’s New?

  • Migrate/Number Swap
    • swap user’s phone numbers
  • Clean-up user resources after delete
    • clean-up resources associated with a user after deletion
  • EMU File storage and access
    • read access to common files stored on the EMU server
  • Improved error filtering within the UI
    • the EMU interface error field can now be configured to filter on specific errors for each API. 
  • Console logging output
    • EMU 5.13 can be configured not to log timestamps to the console log output if needed
  • Provisioning Email enhancements
    • EMU 5.13 improves the information flow in provisioning with additional items included in the automatic email to provisioners. 
  • User Outgoing Calling Plan enhancement
    • the user Outgoing Calling Plan ‘use custom settings’ now can be propagated to all user level plans.

Webex Migration Enhancements

  • Using Alternate Ids for the Cisco Webex associated email address
  • Adding custom tags to the migrated device types
  • Creating additional system level dummy line-ports for migrated users
  • Adding IM&P ala-carte service to migrated users
  • Retry for Webex token refresh


About EMU

EMU simplifies the management of growing Cloud Collaboration platforms through pre-built functions and a powerful software integration development environment. EMU performs many subscriber manipulation tasks that were once thought of as unfeasible, and specialises in the subscriber management and integration of BroadWorks platforms by:

Automating complex tasks and unlocking product innovation

Integrating diverse Cloud Collaboration elements

Managing relentless subscriber growth

Out of the box, EMU supports a wide range of pre-built automations and integrations for the Cisco BroadWorks platform. 100% coverage of BroadWorks, supporting more than 3,500 APIs across all major versions. EMU has become the ‘go-to’ architecture for mediation and orchestration.