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We Power Collaboration Clouds

Helping the globe's most sophisticated Service Providers automate, integrate and differentiate their Cloud Collaboration solutions

EMU for Service Providers

Simplifying automation, complex systems integration and migration of their Cloud Collaboration platforms.

SecureCall. PCI compliance

Helping business be PCI compliant when taking card payments-by-phone in any sized business.

Service Provider Systems Integration

Over twenty years of engineering and operational excellence. Service Providers trust our skills and experience.

We Power Collaboration Clouds for some of the

Globe's Most Sophisticated Brands

The globe's most sophisticated Service Providers trust our technology to improve their Cloud Collaboration offerings

EMU for Service Providers

Automation, Integration and Migration

Simplifying the management, systems integration and migration of Cisco (BroadWorks) Clouds. Pre-built automations and a flexible integration environment.

Automating complex tasks

Pre-built EMU Automations solve complex problems like subscriber migration, provisioning and auditing, delivering new capabilities to Service Providers and reducing the cost of OSS/BSS development.

Integrating diverse Cloud Collaboration elements

EMU integrates the many systems Service Providers use to create Cloud Collaboration services and simplifies network interconnections, allowing controlled expansion of Collaboration Clouds.

EMU Assistants - Increasing service consumption by doing hybrid working better

EMU Assistants deliver wonderfully simple customer onboarding, self-help and service management capabilities that are the customer face of the Service Provider's UCaaS offering. 

They solve day - 0 and day - 1 + self-service requirements.

Deployed within the Service Provider environment and combined into simple user experiences these assistants form a powerful portal and self-care strategy that not only benefit the customer, but can significantly improve the productivity of teams within the Service Provider environment

SecureCall for UCaaS and CCaaS environments

Coupling the power of our Service Provider Collaboration networks and the BroadSource Cloud, sensitive customer card details are removed from the conversation in real time.

SecureCall reduces the risks associated with credit card mis-use and increases a business's ability to be PCI compliant.

SecureCall - Securing card payments-by-phone in office, local government and retail points of sale

SecureCall provides the opportunity for Service Providers and their business customers to economically deliver PCI-DSS compliant calling as a part of their Cloud Collaboration (UCaaS and CCaaS) service.

A solution not just for large contact centres, but for office accounts teams, local government, hospitality and retail points of sale, when customers choose to pay by phone. 

SecureCall ensures the customer’s card details are not shared with the business during a call. Businesses not only protect their customers, they comply with their PCI-DSS obligations.

Explore EMU's pre-built automations and dozens of integration options

EMU supports a wide range of pre-built automations and integrations for Cisco BroadWorks and Webex. 100% coverage, supporting more than 3,500 APIs across all major versions of platforms. EMU has become the 'go-to' architecture for mediation and orchestration of complex Cloud Collaboration services.


EMU Platform

Our platform hosts the automation and integration functions for Collaboration Clouds. Operating in our Cloud or yours.

EMU Provision

OSS/BSS simplification or replacement opportunities using EMU's Provisioning APIs or simple spreadsheet templates.

EMU Migrate

Migrate Enterprises, Groups and Users en masse. To, from and around Collaboration Clouds.

EMU Analytics

Subscribers are able to view feature and call consumption analytics and Cloud Product Managers are better able to make informed decisions.

EMU Audit

Extract Enterprise, Group and User configuration en masse. A way to template and snapshot customer configuration.

EMU Update

Update one or any Enterprise, Group and Subscriber configuration item en masse.

EMU React

Monitor real time changes in BroadWorks (OCI-R) and react with updated workflows across BroadWorks and other systems.

EMU Compare

Find issues in customer configuration in an instant against historical snapshots.


Firmware Distribution Management, controlling CPE device software and tracking inventory en masse.


Visual Device Management. Visual button layout management for customer handsets.

EMU Backup & Restore

Selectively Backup and Restore any aspect of a Subscriber, Group or Enterprise once or every other day.

EMU Schedule

EMU is just as powerful un-attended. Schedule a function to start at any time.

EMU for Webex

Cisco Control Hub integration via API for provisioning, auditing and migration activities.

EMU Hooks

Integrate any third Party platform ensuring synchronisation in audits provisioning and migrations.


Northbound REST APIs for OSS/BSS systems to consume EMU's pre-built functions.

EMU for Device ZTP

External API integration into leading vendors ZTP servers to streamline handset deployment.

EMU for Dubber

Provisioning and MACD API integration into the Dubber Call recording platform.

EMU for Telchemy

Provisioning integration into the Telchemy Service Assurance platform.

EMU for 911

Provisioning and MACD integration into 911 emergency services platforms.

EMU for Surgemail

Provisioning and MACD management of voicemail using the Surgemail platform.

Explore EMU's support for Subscribers

Our customers operate the most sophisticated Cloud Collaborations platforms on the planet. Our applications give their Subscribers the support to adopt, consume and secure their business communications.

EMU Assistants

Portal experiences that drive service adoption and feature consumption, allowing business to simply manage the complexities of their Cloud Communications service.

EMU Adapt

The Human to Cloud Relationship

Imagine offering businesses a Cloud Collaboration experience that easily and securely connects their hybrid workforces to your Collaboration Cloud, delivering new hybrid work experiences and respecting work-life balance without the need for explicit user intervention.

You don't have to imagine