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Dorchester Center, MA 02124

Work Hours
Monday to Friday: 7AM - 7PM
Weekend: 10AM - 5PM

Who We Are

We're a mixed bunch with a common goal

We operate in an industry where the people behind the company are as important as the company itself. They are the people who make us what we are.

It’s true, we’re a mixed bunch. We’re parents and we’re partners. We’re skiers, mountain climbers, soccer players, cyclists, marathon runners, campers, golfers, paragliders and travellers. We’re into motorbikes, sports cars, woodwork, Lego, science fiction, Pink Floyd and walking in the rain. Our extended families include cats, dogs, goldfish, chooks, goats and alpacas. We love sipping on a soy latte, munching on a pizza and tucking into a delectable Biryani. We even brew our own beer!

We’re a good sort with a common goal. We’re dedicated and we’re inspired. And we look forward to working with you.

Kerry Ali
Project and Release Manager

Family, travel, camping, reading, these are a few of my favourite things.

Kim Amsterdam
Contact Centre Consultant

My happy place is outside, in the midst of the mountain ash and ferns.

Venky Ananthanarayana
Software Developer

I'm a prankster from way back and I like to make people laugh.

Mohsin Baig
Software Developer

I like playing squash and spending time with friends and family.

Bogdan Cioroianu
Senior Voice Engineer

I'm an outdoors kinda guy. In winter I ski, in summer I go mountain hiking.

Ultra-marathons and biking events are my thing. I play the guitar (badly).

Haydn Faltyn
Chief Executive Officer

When I want to clear my head, I jump on my motorbike & head out to the country.

Prakash Ganesan
Senior Voice Engineer

I like to play badminton, hang out with friends and spend the weekends with the kids.

Gabriel Garcia
Senior DevOps Engineer

I’m not a very good cook but I love to eat. I’m into Pink Floyd and the movies.

Byron Glendon
Software Developer

Besides my passion for coding, I qualified as a snake handler in Africa.

Michael Gliana
Chief Technology Officer

I seem to have a passion for many things and time to do none.

Kevin Hunt
Systems Engineer

Travelling, photography and watching sport, preferably all at the same time.

I find joy in creating beautiful spaces and delicious dishes. I never say no to a cup of tea.

Greg Lacco
Contact Centre Engineer

You will often find me tending to horses, chooks and goats. I have a multitude of hobbies.

Atul Magazine
Senior Voice Engineer

I love my job so much, it’s my hobby. I’m a non-fiction fan and I like pizza!

Carlos Michel
Solution Manager

I have lived in six different countries and settled in Germany for the past 6 years.

I have 3 children, 2 cats, a dog and several ponds full of goldfish.

Raj Ramasamy
Business Analyst

I love walking in the rain and very comfortable being ordinary.

Ray Rodrigues
Voice Engineer

I brew my own beer and enjoy playing video games with my lovely daughter.

Dimple Saggi
Contact Centre Consultant

I don’t like my coffee too fancy, a no-fuss cappuccino keeps me happy.

Yasser Sultan
Network Ops & Support Manager

Building, gardening, construction, I’m the hands-on type. I enjoy a Biryani.

Jacqueline Thals
Marketing & Events Manager

I enjoy food, hiking and travelling. I don't like being cold, spiders or heights.

I like walking through the bush during conference calls. Work/life balance.

Miro Vucak
Voice Engineer

I like to relax with close friends and watch old B movies. I bake too.

Alen Yokhanis
Software Engineer

Soccer is my sport of choice. I like playing and training my sons.

About BroadSource

We were there when BroadSoft (Cisco) Cloud Unified Communications was first installed outside the US almost 20 years ago. And we’ve grown a lot since then, developing our flagship EMU software product. Today, we have offices in Melbourne, London, Seattle, Düsseldorf and Delhi, and deliver products and services to customers in Europe, North and South America, Africa and Asia.

We look forward to working with you