Simplifying Cloud UC

Whether you are just launching your new Cloud UC service or like some of our customers, managing millions of subscribers, the ongoing platform management, migration and software development tasks become more complex as you evolve and scale your offering.

Seamless migration of customers to Cloud Collaboration offerings shortens time to revenue and reduces churn as Service Providers accelerate their transition of customers to Cloud.

Controlling operations and software development costs are critical to your Cloud UC product profitability.

EMU's simple Portal saves people's time, removing repetitive tasks and automating daily platform management functions.

EMU's Development Environment accelerates software development projects, giving developers a range of pre-built functions, like AUDIT, MIGRATION, PROVISIONING plus 100% functional coverage of the BroadWorks Cloud UC platform.


Used as a simple portal or powerful software development environment, many use cases including Cloud UC Analytics, Provisioning, Customer Self Care, Group Migrations, Backup, Restore, Mass Audits and Change are now possible, at scale, because of EMU.

Teams using EMU inside the Service Provider include;

  • Engineering Teams
  • Customer Care Teams
  • Software Development Teams and;
  • Product Management Teams

They are saving thousands of hours per year using EMU's pre-packaged functions and open software development environment.  They are performing tasks never before available to better scale and manage their BroadWorks platform.  They are accelerating their software development effort, bringing new product functionality to market in record time.

A Simple Portal and a Powerful Development Environment

A portal for people to sit behind

EMU means ‘Extract, Manipulate and Update.

With 100% bi-directional, high performance integration into the BroadWorks platform the world becomes your oyster!

Supporting BroadWorks platforms since Release 14, EMU integrates to BroadWorks via the proprietary interface of OCI-P.

We have developed a range of pre-packed functions, to solve the toughest of subscriber management problems we know every BroadWorks Cloud UC provider experiences.

A platform for software developers to innovate

EMU is an open standards based development environment for software developers to integrate into Cloud UC in new ways.   Constructing new customer facing portals, analytics and reporting engines, CRM integrations and new business logic.  EMU accelerates the software development timeframe and protects the developer from the complexity and variability of BroadWorks and its proprietary interfaces.

Using a high performance 'EMU Farm' configuration opens the door for developers to create new Cloud UC use cases that until now have been impractical.  A 'job' that once would have taken hours to complete now takes just minutes.  Truely maximising the performance of the Cloud UC interfaces.

Many of our customers and development partners choose EMU as their platform to integrate existing systems and new workflows into BroadWorks Cloud UC environments.

A true Unified Communications Domain Management platform.


Pre-packaged functions that change everything

Available via the Portal or the Software Development Environment, EMU solves dozens of problematic management and software integration issues.  It opens the door to new innovative Cloud UC applications that developers can now bring to the BroadWorks platform that have never been possible until now.  Here are just some of the pre-packaged functions that our customers tell us they use most often.

Develop and Integrate

Both our customers and registered development partners accelerate their BroadWorks Cloud UC initiatives using the EMU Development Environment.  Complete and concise developer documentation, coupled with access to the BroadSource Global Development Platform means what was once took months to develop can now be delivered in days.

EMU removes the difficult and costly task of Cloud UC IT, OSS/BSS integration.  BroadSource's EMU development community use three different levels of API abstraction to simplify their lives.  They capitalise on EMU's pre-built orchestration of complex tasks, gleaned from 16 years of BroadWorks experience or choose total flexibility to build and integrate their own business logic from over 3,500 RESTFul APIs.

Application APIs

Using EMUs Application APIs, developers are integrating EMU functions directly into their existing Enterprise CRM and OSS/BSS platforms.  Use cases include Migration, On boarding and Provisioning workflows, Usage Analytics and Backup and Restore.

Innovation APIs

EMU Innovation APIs abstract the complexity of hundreds of BroadWorks commands by combining multiple commands into a single functional API call.  EMU understands how to orchestrate these complex commands so the developer doesn't have to.

System APIs

Unlimited potential exists for our development community to create new web based applications using over 3,500 EMU System APIs.  EMU makes today's most powerful Cloud UC platform now the most programmable Cloud UC platform.

BroadWorks platforms can now be integrated in a myriad of new ways.  New insights, powerful big data concepts for Cloud UC and seamless integration with IT systems are all simple with EMU.

Gone are the once off OCI-P scripts. Gone are the days of managing unsupported 'slabs of code' for BroadWorks.  EMU is evergreen and 100% compliant with BroadWorks features and functionality.


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