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Automate. Integrate. Differentiate.


Complex Subscriber management tasks like provisioning, migration and auditing en mass.


Connect Cloud Communications network elements together to simplify the end to end solution.


Subscriber experiences that improve service adoption, consumption and compliance

Subscriber management and complex integrations of Cisco (BroadWorks) Collaboration Clouds

EMU provides a better way to automate complex, time consuming tasks, reduces the cost of IT development and delivers a point of differentiation for Service Providers.

Pre-built EMU Automations that reduce IT development costs, accelerating time to Subscriber revenue

Integrates with internal or external systems to simplify the operation and expansion of Collaboration Clouds

Differentiated subscriber experiences that increase service adoption, feature consumption and PCI-DSS compliant payments by phone

Explore EMU's pre-built automations and dozens of integration options

EMU supports a wide range of pre-built automations and integrations for Cisco BroadWorks and Webex. 100% coverage, supporting more than 3,500 APIs across all major versions of platforms. EMU has become the 'go-to' architecture for mediation and orchestration of complex Cloud Collaboration services.


EMU Platform

Our platform hosts the automation and integration functions for Collaboration Clouds. Operating in our Cloud or yours.

EMU Provision

OSS/BSS simplification or replacement opportunities using EMU's Provisioning APIs or simple spreadsheet templates.

EMU Migrate

Migrate Enterprises, Groups and Users en masse. To, from and around Collaboration Clouds.

EMU Analytics

Subscribers are able to view feature and call consumption analytics and Cloud Product Managers are better able to make informed decisions.

EMU Audit

Extract Enterprise, Group and User configuration en masse. A way to template and snapshot customer configuration.

EMU Update

Update one or any Enterprise, Group and Subscriber configuration item en masse.

EMU React

Monitor real time changes in BroadWorks (OCI-R) and react with updated workflows across BroadWorks and other systems.

EMU Compare

Find issues in customer configuration in an instant against historical snapshots.


Firmware Distribution Management, controlling CPE device software and tracking inventory en masse.


Visual Device Management. Visual button layout management for customer handsets.

EMU Backup & Restore

Selectively Backup and Restore any aspect of a Subscriber, Group or Enterprise once or every other day.

EMU Schedule

EMU is just as powerful un-attended. Schedule a function to start at any time.

EMU for Webex

Cisco Control Hub integration via API for provisioning, auditing and migration activities.

EMU Hooks

Integrate any third Party platform ensuring synchronisation in audits provisioning and migrations.


Northbound REST APIs for OSS/BSS systems to consume EMU's pre-built functions.

EMU for Device ZTP

External API integration into leading vendors ZTP servers to streamline handset deployment.

EMU for Dubber

Provisioning and MACD API integration into the Dubber Call recording platform.

EMU for Telchemy

Provisioning integration into the Telchemy Service Assurance platform.

EMU for 911

Provisioning and MACD integration into 911 emergency services platforms.

EMU for Surgemail

Provisioning and MACD management of voicemail using the Surgemail platform.

EMU Migrate

Service Providers use EMU via UI or API to perform large scale and robust migrations of subscriber and device configuration.

  • Users
  • Virtual Users
  • Groups
  • Enterprises

Migration across clusters, between BroadWorks and non-BroadWorks platforms and versions. Load balancing, customer mergers and splits are simple use cases that EMU supports.

EMU Migrate supports two key approaches:

  1. A 'Staged Migration' following a step by step, project managed approach to migration that occurs over the days leading up to and during the migration change window.
  2. The 'Single Click' migration performs mass migration in one pass, with configurable 'migration accuracy thresholds' not to be breached, else automated rollback is instigated. The ability to migrate subscriber configuration, all the settings, all the devices, audio files and passwords, makes EMU the complete migration platform in the industry.

EMU Audit

Used by Service Providers to extract single elements of a platform or an entire platform

Auditing Scope

  • System Level
  • System CLI
  • Enterprise Level
  • Group Level
  • User Level
  • Virtual User Level

Entire subscriber configuration in one view en mass, into a human readable form for Auditing, Templating, Snapshotting, Feature Analytics and other use cases. This is the foundation of a Product Analytics capability for a Service Provider to gather insights into the way subscribers are interacting with the service.

EMU Update

The companion to EMU Audit, Update is used by Service Providers to UPDATE the configuration of an ‘already provisioned’ BroadWorks user, virtual user, Group or Enterprise setting.

Total flexibility to update anything, for example a single feature across all users, across all groups can be updated in ‘one-click’, or conversely, many features of a single group of users, virtual users, group services, service packs, FACs etc. en mass, can be updated in ‘one-click’. 

All done in a human readable form.

The ability to make changes to services, default pin codes, configuration settings, device profiles and passwords and apply them across the platform is a widely used function.

EMU Firmware Distribution Management

EMU Firmware Distribution Management allows Service Providers, using their BroadWorks Device Management System (DMS), to deploy firmware to CPE in a vastly superior way than what is natively available on the BroadWorks platform.

  • Multi-cluster large scale environments
  • Flexible and highly granular firmware distribution policy management
  • Automatic tag and template hierarchy management, updates and removals
  • Sophisticated distribution throttling rules
  • Advanced scheduling for well-planned and un-attended updates
  • Flexible inventory reporting for pre and post update analysis

EMU Backup and Restore

EMU allows Service Providers to uniquely extract a specific customer group and store ALL the Group, User, Virtual User information. This information is stored in an EMU Backup file so that, if needed, the entire BroadWorks database can be restored. This traditionally has impacted all customers on the platform.

EMU Backup is used to store a known working configuration using the EMU Web portal or scheduled to occur as a periodic backup. Examples include the nightly customer group backups or a lab system.

Until now, when a problem occurs with a customer group, there has been no way to restore the customer to a known working state. EMU Restore allows Service Providers to restore just the impacted customer Enterprise, Group or User from the EMU Backup file. 

This saves hundreds of hours of manual effort, re-building a customer’s configuration when, for example, it was accidently deleted.

EMU Visual Device Management

EMU Visual Device Management allows Service Providers a way for their customer administrators and subscribers to visually configure device soft buttons and line-keys in conjunction with their authorised services on the Cisco BroadWorks platform. 

EMU VDM leverages all the zero-touch provisioning functions that make up the Cisco BroadWorks Device Management Service (DMS)

EMU Analytics

Historical Call and Feature consumption are available via EMU Analytics by ingesting the BroadWorks CDRs. All feature and call usage data is extracted and analysed on a periodical basis, en masse.

An EMU user or northbound system (using REST APIs) can request any combination of statistical data and have it presented in simple graphical representation or downloadable content for post processing. 

EMU Analytics is used to replace call detail reporting in customer care portals, or it can be used for UCaaS Product Managers to take snapshots over time. It allows them to gather the insights needed to make better product decisions and to understand how customers are consuming the service, from both a call and feature consumption perspective.

EMU Deployment Assistant

As a mobile first strategy, the EMU Deployment Assistant delivers a powerful Customer Group Administrator (CGA) and end-user experiences on their mobile device (or tablet or desktop).

Onboarding subscribers and their handsets traditionally involved many time consuming and costly tasks. Warehouses, field techs, spreadsheets and mistakes have plagued the Service Provider provisioning teams for many years.

The EMU Deployment Assistant removes many steps in the process. Simplifying the end to end process of onboarding subscribers and their devices.

Using the subscriber's mobile phone and common 'consumer experiences', difficult tasks like MAC address and device type entry become a breeze.

Delivered as a Progressive Web Application (PWA), there is no application download from an 'app store' removing one of the key barriers to adoption - customer engagement.

EMU Compare

Used by Service Provider engineering and help desk teams to compare known working customer configurations and templates with current configurations to identify DELTAs.

Single users or Groups can be compared to historical data to pinpoint the potential issue. This is done in real time, while the customer is on the phone describing their issue. 

The DELTA between the two configurations and visually shown, saving many minutes per call in resolving customer issues. The help desk operator no longer needs to ask ‘twenty questions’ to identify the issue.

EMU React

When UCaaS product change happens, a costly IT project can result. EMU bridges the gap between what the IT systems where built to do and what the product offering needs to do now.

EMU React listens to provisioning events on the Cisco BroadWorks platform (OCI-R) and acts to execute configurable workflows and actions. These include additional Cisco BroadWorks provisioning commands and invokes external API call to external systems.

Each workflow is triggered by a provisioning event, but can use data from the platform and external systems, to action appropriate workflow steps.

It means Service Providers can save millions of dollars in IT (OSS/BSS) re-development costs when change occurs.

EMU Schedule

Extending the power of EMU into the hands of customer administrators and end users, BroadSource has re-invented service onboarding (Day 0) and ongoing consumption (Day 1+) user experience through its patented Adaptive UC Mobile centric application suite.

  • A day zero deployment assistant and everyday Self-care portal
  • Adaptive hybrid work technology to drive feature consumption without explicit user intervention
  • Secure payments by phone for business to comply with their PCI-DSS obligations and significantly reduce credit card processing fees

EMU Platform

EMU is a multi-tenanted, multi-instance application, operating within the customer’s environment or the BroadSource Cloud. The EMU Platform environment is simply commissioned on a pair of virtualised machines and a common, off the shelf (COTS) load balancer.

The base platform licenses offers

  • A brandable interface for its users to interact with EMU
  • Geo-redundant configuration
  • High Performance farm Configurations that allow EMU to scale vertically and horizontally, supporting environments with millions of subscribers
  • 100% coverage of BroadWorks from Release 17 through to Release 24 of the platform
  • Multiple deployment models in Private, Public or BroadSource Clouds

EMU Provision

Used by Service Providers to provision services via a Rest API and alternative to CommPilot and heavy OSS/BSS based provisioning integration. 

Mass provisioning of users, groups, enterprises, virtual users and SIP trunking services using human readable, structured data, like Excel™ or the RESTful API as input into the BroadWorks platform.