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EMU Firmware Distribution Manager

Automation of Customer Premise Equipment Software Updates

EMU solves the complex problem of distributing new software to CPE (Customer Premise Equipment) across sophisticated Cisco/BroadWorks UCaaS environments. EMU simplifies and automates the software upgrade process increasing accuracy and control. It reduces the time, effort and errors that impact Service Providers who need to distribute new firmware to the customer devices deployed across their UCaaS network.

Firmware Distribution Policy Management

EMU ensures that Service Providers have a simple way to implement upgrades that are flexible, controlled and as granular as is needed. Mass updates across the network or targeting individual customers are now possible using the EMU Firmware Distribution Manager

Device Inventory Reporting

Service Providers have lacked the ability and reporting required to be confident of the state of a device before and after an upgrade. EMU ensures that the Service Provider knows what needs to be upgraded and what happened after the upgrade

Throttling Rules and Flow Control

Distributing device firmware across thousands of devices can seriously impact both the Service Provider and customer network. EMU manages the concurrency and timing of upgrades to protect everyone’s network

Simplicity and Control

EMU Firmware Distribution Manager is deployed within the BroadSource EMU Cloud or within the Service Provider’s environment.

Leveraging the BroadWorks DMS (Device Management Server), EMU simplifies the management of device configuration, device templates and the software/firmware files.

Multi-cluster large scale environments

Flexible and highly granular firmware distribution policy management

Automatic tag and template hierarchy management and updates

Sophisticated distribution throttling and flow control rules

Advanced scheduling for well-planned and un-attended updates

Complete inventory reporting for pre and post update analysis