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EMU Migrate

Webex for BroadWorks

The missing link for Service Providers to migrate away from BroadWorks Collaborate during 2022. EMU Migrate operates in the BroadSource Cloud, allowing Service Providers to accelerate the migration of BroadWorks Collaborate subscribers to the Webex Cloud

UC-One and Collaborate transition to Webex for BroadWorks

Seamless transition of Subscribers to Webex for BroadWorks using EMU’s Cloud Migration service

Time is of the essence

2022 marks the ‘end of operation’ of BroadSoft’s UC-One and Collaborate software.

Some Service Providers are well underway in the transition to Webex for BroadWorks. Some are yet to get underway.

EMU Webex Migrate accelerates the transition of UC-One based subscribers to the Webex for BroadWorks Service Providers.

A ‘pay as you go’ commercial model means you only use EMU for what you need.

Full integration between BroadWorks and Cisco's Webex Control Hub

Whether you need EMU just for migration or the ongoing provisioning of Webex, the EMU Cloud supports both API and 'Flow Through' integration between BroadWorks and the Webex for BroadWorks service. It means EMU can meet today's immediate migration needs and tomorrow's ongoing provisioning, auditing and updating of both BroadWorks and Webex.


Integrated provisioning for Webex Control Hub and BroadWorks

Migration to Webex

The time CRITICAL migration of UC-One to Webex client applications

Audit and Update

Audit and Update both BroadWorks and Webex en masse.

EMU Migrate has completed the transition of hundreds of thousands

of subscribers from BroadWoks Collaborate to Webex

A simple transaction model allows Service Providers to subscribe to the

EMU Cloud and only pay for the number of subscribers they migrate

Unlimited Use

Let's say you need to migrate 5,000 UC-One Subscribers to Webex for BroadWorks over the next few months. It will cost you $1 per migration.

That's it!

  • At scale
  • At your pace
  • Under your control
  • Using our EMU Cloud
  • No deployment, no infrastructure

Per Subscriber



Unlimited Subscribers

No minimum term

Weekly Migration Progress Reports

Monthly Usage Invoicing

EMU Audit for FREE

EMU Update for FREE

EMU Cloud

Webex for BroadWorks Migration

Both API and Flow Through based Webex integration is supported allowing Service Providers to perform mass migrations of:

  • Enterprises
  • Groups
  • Individual users

The team at BroadSource will set up an EMU Cloud account for you. It allows unlimited access to EMU Migrate for as long as is needed.To help prepare for the migration to Webex, the team will also activate EMU Audit and EMU update. A real time saver.

An untimed, unlimited subscription to EMU Cloud includes all the items needed to perform mass migrations of UC-One to Webex, including:

EMU Migrate for Webex

A simple two step migration flow

EMU Audit

To help prepare and gather the list of UC-One subscribers

EMU Update

To help make custom updates or cleanups (or even roll back when using the 'Flow through' integration approach)

How does it work?

A two step process, with everything considered

  •     STEP 1 : EXTRACT   
  •       STEP 2: MOVE   
    STEP 1 : EXTRACT   


  1. ‘Extract’ gathers all IM&P subscribers you need to transition to Webex for BroadWorks
  2. Upload your list of one or hundreds of Enterprise, Groups or Users to migrate or select one or more live from the network
  3. Your results are a complete picture of Subscribers to be transitioned across all Enterprises and Groups
      STEP 2: MOVE   


  1. ‘Move’ migrates the UC-One Collaborate device types to the new Webex device types. It also provisions the Webex subscribers including the administrator with the required Webex package type
  2. Upload the list of some or even hundreds of Enterprise, Groups or Users from the EXTRACT stage. The operator can select to either keep or delete the UC-One Collaborate devices. The operator can also select to keep or de-activate the user IM&P service
  3. This migrates the UC-One Collaborate device types, of the extracted users, to the new Webex device types

Migration Capability Matrix

Two Integration Models are supported. Integration via Cisco Control Hub via APIs or Flow Through Provisioning.

While not mandatory, we recommend using EMU's API integration into Control Hub for the mass migration activity. When using EMU for ongoing Provisioning, MACD's, AUDITs and UPDATES you can use either integration approach.

Two stage migration -Extract and Move

Mass migration support for multiple entities

  • Enterprises

  • Groups

  • Individual Users

Migration of users without IM&P service possible (e.g Skype for Business)

Ability to set Webex package type per user, prior to migration. 

Ability to use different Webex provisioning URLs for different entities

  •  Enterprises

  • Users

Ability to migrate main and SCA devices

Shared Call Appearance service auto-upgrade capability

Ability to retain current Collaborate based device profiles and IM&P settings during Move

Support for multiple custom Collaborate desktop, mobile & tablet devices

Support for custom line port domain, line port username pattern, device name pattern

Ability to rollback fully or partially

Post-migration email support – for trusted and untrusted Webex templates 

Automatic detection of trusted or untrusted Webex templates when migrating users into an already onboarded Webex for BroadWorks Enterprise

The ability to migrate users who only have an extension

API Integrated Provisioning

Integration via Cisco Webex Control Hub APIs

Flow Through Provisioning

Integration via Cisco Webex Control Hub via Flow Through Provisioning Model

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