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SecureCall provides business with a scalable and economical solution to securely take card payments by phone in any setting.

Designed for business in who operate in retail, hospitality, health and services, SecureCall delivers PCI compliant business phone lines, during the customer payment process.

Critically the staff member and customer continue to converse via phone during the payment to ensure the sale is made.

SecureCall does not involve IVRs prompts, or links or apps for the customer to navigate. Just people interacting with people.

It means PCI-DSS compliance is achievable for all business who take credit card payments by phone in any sized business no matter what their industry.

How does it work?

Coupling the power of SecureCall with Cloud Communications services (UCaaS and CCaaS networks), sensitive customer card details can be removed from the conversation in real time. The call is 'secured' by the staff member just before a payment commences and the customer enters their details. The staff member and the business are therefore not exposed to these details.

It means businesses can better manage risk and escalating costs of PCI-DSS compliance by 'outsourcing' the card payment process to SecureCall.

Business benefits by:

  • De-scoping their payments-by-phone transactions and demonstrating to their Bank, Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) or Insurer that they are PCI-DSS compliant
  • Reducing cyber security insurance premiums
  • Reducing costly (MOTO) processing transaction fees

The technology ensures that no customer card details are shared or stored when customers pay by phone.

A new way for Service Providers to deliver PCI compliant calling.

A secure way for business to take customer payments by phone.

A simple, human approach to buying. No tech.

PCI DSS compliance is achievable for business of any size in any industry.

The Benefit to Service Providers

Business, when choosing a Service Provider, vote the security solution as the highest priority in their selection criteria. It has become the next 'must-have' in a Service Providers product portfolio to remain competitive.

Right now, business cannot safely use their Cloud Communications service to securely take card payments in office accounts teams, retail point of sale or local government settings.

The 'phone service' is simply not solving the business's need to deliver their mandatory PCI-DSS compliance obligations.

The risks, for all businesses taking card payments by phone are high. The volume of calls is increasing and the insurance and compliance costs are escalating.

As a business imperative, they are forced to continue to take payments by phone to meet their customer's expectations and meet their revenue targets.

SecureCall is bundled by Service Providers. Positioned as a non-discretionary value added service. It differentiates a Service Provider's communication offering, increasing ARPU and reducing customer churn.

The Benefit to Business of any size

All businesses that take card payments must demonstrate to their bank that they are PCI-DSS compliant . VISA and Mastercard mandate this. 

Online and expensive Contact Centre solutions do exist, but cannot economically scale down businesses that require secure card payments in office accounts teams, retail points of sale and local government settings. 

Taking card payments by phone is a critical way to engage with customers and secure sales, however, it has also become the weakest link in a business’s cyber security solution. 

SecureCall economically solves business risks, and costs, by securing the phone call between the customer and the business as the payment is being made. SecureCall interacts with the telco' s Cloud Communications service to capture and mask card holder details, keeping customer sensitive information secure.

This means a business can:

  • Ensure PCI-DSS compliance is achieved in office, retail, hospitality, service and local government industries.
  • Reduce annual PCI-DSS audit and compliance costs
  • Reduce annual cyber security insurance premiums
  • Reduce the costly 'Pay by Phone' transaction fees (MOTO fees)

The Benefit to customers

Customers demand and expect to be able to make purchases from businesses through a multitude of different channels, including the ability to make purchases by phone. Businesses need to adapt and cater for the many ways people wish to make purchases. They need to ensure that customer card details are protected at all times.

In this era of increasing credit card fraud and data breaches, customers need to be confident that their credit card details are not copied, stored or compromised in any way. Customers are increasingly worried when asked to 'speak' their card details to someone they don't know.

Customers are frustrated when the business 'transfers' them to an automated IVR for payment or even worse, tells them to 'go online' or 'visit a branch'.

SecureCall provides Cloud Collaboration Providers with the opportunity to offer business customers a solution that ensures customer card data does not enter the business during a payment by phone, remaining protected and secure.

How does it work?

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