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EMU Migrate

Accelerate Subscriber transition to Cloud Communication

services through seamless, automated migrations at scale

Accelerating Subscriber Migration to Cloud


Since 2014, dozens of migration use cases have emerged as Service Providers use EMU

to move customers 'to, from and around' their Cloud Communications platforms

Service Providers use EMU via UI or API to perform large scale and robust migrations of Subscriber

and device configuration, reducing the time to subscription revenue and minimizing customer churn

The Race is On

With only a small portion of global business voice services having moved to Cloud, it’s a frantic time for Service Providers. Protecting billions of dollars in revenue, while transitioning and retaining customers, means the problems are large, the stakes are high, and time is of the essence.

Our comprehensive Cloud migration platform, EMU Migrate, accelerates the transition of Subscribers to Cloud. 

The globes largest Service Providers trust EMU Migrate. Having now migrated millions of Subscribers 'to and from' Clouds at scale, manual migration tasks are no longer a part of our customer's world.

UCaaS Migration at Scale is Complex

EMU is the only platform that Service Providers trust with their Subscriber data

EMU supports a range of very powerful Subscriber migration functions. These functions are typically used by Service Providers who need to move Subscribers, en masse, between the ‘layers’ of their Cloud UC hierarchy or even between different UCaaS platforms, while still maintaining the Subscriber’s configuration, settings and devices.

Millions of Subscriber settings and devices have been migrated by EMU allowing Service Providers to:

  • Consolidate UCaaS platforms as a result of ongoing M&A
  • Load balance large volumes of Subscribers across the network to manage organic growth
  • Re-locate Subscribers to an alternative technology platform
  • Respond to customers M&A activity
  • Transition customers from premise PBX to Cloud UCaaS
  • Keep up with a customer's ongoing group moves, adds and changes

Inter-platform Migrations

En Masse migrations of Subscribers to and from major Cloud Collaboration technologies

Intra-platform Migrations

En masse migrations of Subscribers 'in and around' a Cloud Collaboration platform

Legacy-platform Migrations

Moving Subscribers from premise to Cloud Collaboration services