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BroadSource EMU platform accelerates the rollout of new device firmware for Cloud UC Service Providers

A new technology that saves significant time and cost is now available for Global Service Providers that need a better way to manage IPTelephony device firmware and its ongoing distribution to their customer base. Existing systems and processes currently available to Service Providers do not manage the ever-growing complexity of rolling out new versions of firmware. It is leading to inefficient practices, re-work
and a lack of control in the distribution processes to hundreds of thousands of end point devices.

The triggers for a new release of CPE (Customer Premise Equipment) firmware are numerous and can be in response to new hardware from the CPE vendors, new major versions of firmware, or in response to emergency situations when patches are required to resolve security issues in the field.

Each one of these release cycles takes significant time and energy away from the Service Provider’s Engineering and Operations teams who should be focussed on growing and enhancing their platform’s capability. The technologies currently deployed to support these teams has fallen a long way short of meeting their requirements. The different end user customer scenarios are complex and cannot be
easily managed and the process has been error prone. There are now many devices with countless versions spread across many customers, which means the current technology and processes within the Service Provider cannot scale in line with market demand.

EMU provides improved and simplified technology to increase the flexibility and accuracy of deploying firmware across the customer environment. It significantly reduces the cost and effort giving back time to the Service Provider teams and ensuring their customers are seamlessly upgraded to the latest CPE firmware.

The BroadSource EMU platform delivers an array of distribution policies and operational workflows to support the Service Provider’s requirements of constantly delivering new versions of IPTelephony CPE firmware to their customer base.

About EMU
EMU is an Extraction, Manipulation and Update (EMU) platform developed by BroadSource, that specialises in the management and integration of BroadWorks platforms. With just one click, Service Providers can:

EXTRACT every piece of information from their Cloud UC environment to audit, analyse or backup customer configurations

MANIPULATE thousands of configuration attributes in seconds, preparing for migrations

UPDATE, en masse, configuration settings, as a part of moves, add and changes across the network or migrations to and from the Cloud UC platform.

Subscription to EMU SaaS is based on one or all of the following functions:

•EMU Audit
•EMU Analytics
•EMU Update
•EMU Provision
•EMU Migrate
•EMU Backup
•EMU Restore
•EMU Compare
•EMU Reporting
•EMU Firmware Distribution Management

About BroadSource
BroadSource is a world leader in software development and engineering for the globe’s most sophisticated Service Providers and Enterprise businesses. BroadSource specialises in the software development, design, build, testing, integration of cloud collaboration and contact centres. The team has its roots in telecommunications and contact centre technology.

With offices in Melbourne, London, Seattle, Düsseldorf and Delhi, BroadSource delivers Products and Services to customers in Europe, North and South America, Africa and Asia.

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