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BroadSource Launches EMU SaaS in North America

BroadSource, a specialist global software development and telecommunications engineering company, today announced the launch of EMU SaaS (Software as a Service) platform for its existing and prospective North American customers.

EMU, developed by BroadSource, allows global Service Providers, who utilise the BroadSoft (now Cisco) BroadWorks™ UC platform, to better manage the day-to-day complexity of subscriber configuration information.  EMU is already available in Asia and Europe as a SaaS and is now also available for North American Service Providers via the EMU SaaS delivery model.

Service Providers in North America now have an array of ‘every day use cases’ to better manage their BroadSoft BroadWorks ™ powered Cloud UC platform. Using their own secure BroadWorks™ credentials, Service Providers and their partners can perform one or all of the services hosted within the BroadSource multi-tenanted, fully redundant EMU SaaS instance.  EMU now performs many subscriber manipulation tasks that where once thought of as impossible.  As Cloud UC subscriptions take over premise PBX numbers, EMU is perfectly positioned to allow the Service Provider to accelerate their customer migration to Cloud UC, contain their daily operational costs and simplify the management of large volumes of subscriber configuration data.  EMU Auditing, Migration, Backup and Recovery, Provisioning and Updates are just some of the functions EMU performs. Until now, these functions may have required costly professional services to implement.

Haydn Faltyn, BroadSource co-founder and CEO noted, “We are so pleased to be launching EMU SaaS to our North America customers.  This technology is unique to the Cisco/BroadSoft Cloud UC ecosystem.  Our customers have been benefiting from EMU operating within their own environment for a number of years now.  This next milestone means that our North American Service Provider customers can now also benefit from a subscription to EMU SaaS and pay on a consumption model.  The power of EMU is solving really practical, everyday problems for our customers and their Cloud UC environments based on BroadWorks™ technology.  We are delighted with the feedback so far and excited to have EMU available in North America.”

Sixteen years of BroadSoft based telco engineering experience, coupled with today’s Cloud delivery technologies means that EMU can now solve Service Provider problems as a consumptive Cloud Service across North America.