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BroadSource’s EMU Mobile Assistant puts the power of Cloud Collaboration in the hands of the end customer

The increasing demand to move staff from the physical office environment to working from home has accelerated the transition from premise-based telephone systems to feature rich and economical Cloud Collaboration services for most businesses around the globe.

Unfortunately, the on-boarding process can be complex leaving the promise of better business communications and productivity a distant goal.  The most successful service providers will be those who not only leverage their network’s functionality but those that can give their customers access to their network in a simple and hassle-free way.

BroadSource’s technology, EMU Mobile Assistant (EMA), a patented Progressive Web Architecture for mobile devices, expedites the on-boarding process putting the power of mobile devices and Cloud Collaboration in the hands of the end customer.  EMA provides the opportunity for end users to move to the Cloud simply and quickly which means they get to enjoy the benefits faster without the need for complex technical and administrative intervention.

Vodafone Germany has harnessed the efficiency and simplicity of EMA as a key differentiator in the recent release of their One Net Express (ONX) Cloud Collaboration offering.  Vodafone’s “Mein One Net” (My One Net) mobile application is EMA and it guides their customers through the One Net Express (ONX) onboarding journey.

“BroadSource’s EMA places the end customer in the driver’s seat and offers a mobile-centric experience that is easy to manage, something which is not the norm in Cloud Collaboration user experiences.  EMA uses the latest in mobile web architectures for anyone, anywhere, on any device to interact with their Cloud Collaboration service.  We are humbled and privileged to be working with the wonderful Vodafone team in Germany to create these world first customer experiences.” Haydn Faltyn, BroadSource CEO said.

Martin Grabowski, Vodafone’s Director of Marketing & Products Business said, “What makes me particularly happy is that our customers are onboarded quickly. The process is not complicated, so they can start using ONX without delay and without technical intervention and high investment costs. Our virtual telephone system One Net Express is set up in no time thanks to EMA.”

Vodafone’s ONX is a virtual PBX that offers Internet telephony for small businesses from a mobile phone, PC or fax, through fixed or mobile networks.  Business communication is via a single user interface.  ONX is ordered, ready for use and most importantly there are no complex portals to navigate.  Using the access link from a confirmation email, customers register online and configure ONX to their own specifications.

About BroadSource

BroadSource is a world leader in software development and engineering for the globe’s most sophisticated Cloud Collaboration Service Providers.  The team has eighteen years of design, deployment and software development experience.  BroadSource solves many challenges that Service Providers face in managing and transitioning to their Cloud Collaboration and Cloud Contact Centre solutions.

With offices in Melbourne, London, Seattle, Düsseldorf and Delhi, BroadSource delivers Products and Services to customers in Europe, North and South America, Africa and Asia.

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