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Must Attend Event for Cloud industry Leaders

Brought to you by Cloud Communications Alliance (CCA), at Cloud Connections 2023 you will:

  • Hear from industry-leading experts, futurists, investment bankers, financial and industry analysts
  • See live demos of leading products
  • Hear from real customers who are currently in the cloud buying process
  • Network with peers, experts, analysts, and more

The CPaaS Acceleration Alliance will be hosting the very first CPaaS Showcase, demonstrating the best use cases the CPaaS industry has to offer. The Showcase will include live demonstrations of top use cases from around the world with a special focus on the commercial viability of the applications and the value they provide to the end user.

BroadSource has been chosen to showcase EMU SecureCall as on of the five use cases being judged across key criteria. We are thrilled to be participating.

We look forward to seeing you there.