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EMU 5.10 Seamless Migration from BroadWorks Collaboration services to Webex for BroadWorks services

What’s New

  • A dedicated mass migration function for Webex for BroadWorks feature which allows seamless migration from BroadWorks Collaboration services to Webex for BroadWorks services via dedicated EMU and UI functions built for this purpose.
  • Further enhancements to EMU Hooks (External APIs), extending their syntax, interfaces and reachability.
  • Improved data matching algorithm of the Compare and Verify functions.

Key enhancement areas targeted in this release

  • Webex for BroadWorks dedicated function & UI
  • EMU Hooks:
    • Extended syntax and logic
    • SMTP support
    • Call Recording support
    • Postgres database support
  • BroadWorks Emergency Zones full support
  • EMU Migrate
    • Pre-validation of service and service pack quantities
    • Automatic upgrade of SCA licenses
  • Webtail implementation for viewing EMU logs via web sockets
  • Custom URL in header in EMU UI APIs

About EMU

EMU is an Extraction, Manipulation and Update (EMU) platform developed by BroadSource, that specialises in the management and integration of BroadWorks platforms. With just one click, Service Providers can:

  • EXTRACT every piece of information from their Cloud UC environment to audit, analyse or backup customer configurations
  • MANIPULATE thousands of configuration attributes in seconds, preparing for migrations
  • UPDATE configuration settings, en masse, as a part of moves, adds and changes across the network or migrations to and from the Cloud UC platform.

Subscription to EMU SaaS is based on one or all of the following functions:

EMU Audit | EMU Analytics | EMU Update | EMU Provision | EMU Migrate | EMU Backup | EMU Restore | EMU Compare | EMU Reporting | EMU Firmware Distribution Management