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This release of EMU brings brand new functionality for BroadWorks Service Providers, increasing their capability and flexibility. We have worked hard to release new features that you have requested in the lead up to this release. We continue to enhance the EMU Core platform and add new features to the existing EMU Functions.

What’s New?

EMU 2023 Q1 supports integration between EMU Core capabilities (such as Audit, Compare, Update, Migrate, Provisioning, Report, Backup, Restore and Delete) and EMU Functions such as Firmware Distribution Management (FDM), Visual Device Management (VDM), Directory Number Activation (DNA), EMU Analytics and EMU Assistant. 

Dynamic Display of Device Key Labels – Improvements to the EMU VDM Function, allowing dynamic display of device key labels.  It now dynamically shows key labels making the display more intuitive.

Device Type Migration – Adds the ability to migrate phone configurations (even if the phones are from different vendors) such as Polycom to Cisco phones and Panasonic DECT to Cisco DECT phones and maintaining configuration items such as SIP/Device passwords. 

Scheduled Jobs Editing – Improvements to EMU FWM Function and other functions that utilise EMU Scheduling by allowing the user to edit as well as delete scheduled jobs. 

VDM Device Reset  – Improved EMU VDM Function enabling the Visual Device Management UI to reset a device’s functionality, rather than having to manually change each of the configurations back to the default. 

Group Call Centre Enhancements – Extends the EMU Core Migration and Provisioning features adding support for additional Group Call Centre items to Migration and Provisioning.

Provisioning Email Enhancements – Extends the EMU Hooks functionality via a new ability to re-send provisioning emails (or other similar hooks) at the post provisioning stage. 

Performance Improvements to Device Migration – Adds a range of performance improvements and bug fixes to Device Migration. 

Encoding Handling Improvements – Data exports using JSON now ensures encoding of foreign characters is handled correctly. 

About EMU

EMU simplifies the management of growing Cloud Collaboration platforms through pre-built functions and a powerful software integration development environment. EMU performs many subscriber manipulation tasks that were once thought of as unfeasible, and specialises in the subscriber management and integration of BroadWorks platforms by:

Automating complex tasks and unlocking product innovation

Integrating diverse Cloud Collaboration elements

Managing relentless subscriber growth

Out of the box, EMU supports a wide range of pre-built automations and integrations for the Cisco BroadWorks platform. 100% coverage of BroadWorks, supporting more than 3,500 APIs across all major versions. EMU has become the ‘go-to’ architecture for mediation and orchestration.