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EMU continues to deliver more automation, deeper integrations and additional configuration settings to customise the capability of EMU implementations and offer our customer’s a point of differentiation. This release of EMU brings more enhancements to the user interface and the core platform.

What’s New?

EMU 2022 Q4 release  extends the functionality, performance, and security of the platform with new features. Additional configuration settings are provided to customise the capability of EMU implementations. 

What’s New?

Ability to add new firmware tags

  • Provides the ability, through the firmware interface, to directly edit device type custom tags. Support for the new enterprise level custom tags has also been added, creating further options for managing device firmware. 

New device-rebuild feature 

  • Adds a major new feature to rebuild devices, providing a range of improvements when moving configurations from one device to another whilst still maintaining, where possible, features that were available on the previous device.  
  • EMU Device Migration allows migrating an existing device type to another model of the same device type as well as upgrading models. 
  • EMU now provides an export sheet with a user-friendly output, improving readability and facilitating device management. A Report feature has been added that outlines the migration statues of each line port. 
  • Migration of devices is now also performed by a separate high-speed queue, improving performance, and allowing increased throughput. 

JSON support 

  • Adds the ability to support JSON files for scheduled operations in addition to Excel spreadsheet support. This is of special interest for those wanting to use the APIs and create workflows to even further automate the management of devices managed by EMU. 

Customization support 

  • Simplified theme customisation for EMU Functions. This brings EMU Functions up to the level of customization currently available in EMU Core, allowing branding of the interface to match client preferences. 

Search improvements  

  • Includes major improvements to the Directory Number Activation Function via the improved EMA search facility, resulting in faster performance when searching at Enterprise, Group or User level as well as the ability to manage larger result sets when searching. 

About EMU

EMU simplifies the management of growing Cloud Collaboration platforms through pre-built functions and a powerful software integration development environment. EMU performs many subscriber manipulation tasks that were once thought of as unfeasible, and specialises in the subscriber management and integration of BroadWorks platforms by:

Automating complex tasks and unlocking product innovation

Integrating diverse Cloud Collaboration elements

Managing relentless subscriber growth

Out of the box, EMU supports a wide range of pre-built automations and integrations for the Cisco BroadWorks platform. 100% coverage of BroadWorks, supporting more than 3,500 APIs across all major versions. EMU has become the ‘go-to’ architecture for mediation and orchestration.