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EMU 5.12 – Announcing the BIGGEST ever EMU Release

What’s New?

EMU Firmware Distribution Management (FDM): using their BroadWorks Device Management System (DMS), Service Providers can use EMU FDM to deploy firmware to CPE in a vastly superior way than what is natively available on the BroadWorks platform. Granular distribution, throttling and pre/post upgrade inventory reporting.

EMU Visual Device Management (VDM): allows Service Provider customer administrators and subscribers to visually configure device soft buttons and line-keys in conjunction with their authorised services on the Cisco BroadWorks platform. EMU VDM leverages all the zero-touch provisioning functions that make up the Cisco BroadWorks Device Management Service (DMS).

EMU Analytics:  Historical Call and Feature consumption Analytics is available for Service Providers and their customers by ingesting the BroadWorks CDRs en masse.  All feature and call usage data is extracted and analysed on a periodical basis in a graphical presentation format or csv download.

EMU React:  This new framework provides the capability to LISTEN to ANY BroadWorks provisioning event and ACT, triggering automated tasks.  In response to selected provisioning events, EMU React can automatically update the BroadWorks platform via one or more of the EMU Core functions, such as Audit, Update, Delete, etc and/or update any other third party systems via the EMU Hooks framework.  No longer costly IT (OSS/BSS) developments in response to change.

What’s Enhanced?

  • Extends the flexibility of user interface selectors allowing the use of a selection spreadsheet. This powerful functionality is particularly useful when a large number of individual items are to be selected or when stepping through selections in a spreadsheet by switching itemised selections on or off. 
  • Extends the SSO functionality between the EMU Core interface (aka EMU Core) such as Audit, Update, Compare, etc and EMU stand-alone functions (aka EMU Functions) such as FDM, Analytics, VDM, etc.
  • Improves the mass migration from BroadWorks Collaborate to Cisco Webex for BroadWorks with API based migrations. 
  • Provides further enhancements to EMU Hooks (External APIs), extending their syntax, interfaces, and reachability. 
  • Adds enhancements to improve session robustness, security, and flexibility.

Release Summary

  • EMU Automations: 
    • EMU Firmware Distribution Management: FDM 6.3
    • EMU Visual Device Management: VDM 6.3
    • EMU Analytics 6.3
    • EMU React – BroadWorks provisioning listener, parser & actor
  •  EMU Assistants: 
    • Site Admin Assistant: SDA v6.3
    • Handset Deployment Assistant: HDA v6.3
    • Cloud Receptionist Assistant: CRP v6.3
    • SIP Trunking Express Emergency Routing: STEER v6.3
  • Directory Number Activation Assistant: DNA v6.3
  • Enhanced EMU SSO between EMU Core and EMU Functions
  • Complex selection via UI which provide the ability to use Excel spreadsheets to manage large number of selections
  • EMU Tech-Support data collection and anonymisation tool
  • Configuration files syntax checker
  • Webex Migration enhancements
  • Automatic increase of Group’s user limit during migration
  • Enhanced support for BroadWorks Inbound Call Blocking 
  • Enhanced support for BroadWorks Enterprise Bursting 

About EMU

EMU simplifies the management of growing Cloud Collaboration platforms through pre-built functions and a powerful software integration development environment. EMU performs many subscriber manipulation tasks that were once thought of as unfeasible, and specialises in the subscriber management and integration of BroadWorks platforms by:

Automating complex tasks and unlocking product innovation

Integrating diverse Cloud Collaboration elements

Managing relentless subscriber growth

Out of the box, EMU supports a wide range of pre-built automations and integrations for the Cisco BroadWorks platform. 100% coverage of BroadWorks, supporting more than 3,500 APIs across all major versions. EMU has become the ‘go-to’ architecture for mediation and orchestration.