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EMU. Something to fluff your feathers about!


EMU was developed by BroadSource in 2015 to allow global telecommunications Service Providers to better manage the day-to-day complexity of subscriber configuration and migration. EMU performs many subscriber manipulation tasks that were once thought of as impossible and is perfectly positioned to allow Service Providers to accelerate their customer migration to the Cloud, contain their daily operational costs and simplify the management of large volumes of subscriber configuration data. Auditing, Migration, Backup and Recovery, Provisioning and Updates are just some of the functions EMU performs. Until now, these functions may have required costly professional services to implement.

In late 2019 EMU was deployed, with great success, by a tier one leading telecommunications provider in Switzerland who wanted the capability to be able to seamlessly move tens of thousands of their Cloud Collaboration customers from production platforms to their new “try before you buy” pilot platform. In doing so, customers were given the opportunity to sample the pilot platform so they could experience new features the Service Provider was bringing to market. EMU also provided the added flexibility of moving customers back again if needed, all with a single click.

EMU was required to migrate all of the Service Provider’s customer PBX configurations without interruption or customer impact, in a single change control outage window, with 100% accuracy. As a result, the Service Provider was able to showcase and demonstrate their ability to move a 1,000 site banking customer to this new platform with a single instruction from their provisioning team. This technology is unique to the Cloud Collaboration ecosystem. The power of EMU is solving complex, everyday management and migration problems for these sophisticated global Service Providers.

Swiss clockwork is synonymous with precision and quality. BroadSource was able to deliver a migration outcome within one four-hour change window, error free (100% accuracy between source and destination platforms). This migration of tens of thousands of customers included over 7.5 million API calls between EMU and their Cloud Collaboration platform, a project that in the recent past was inconceivable. The initial acceptance project was undertaken over a two-month period and involved a small team of the world’s most accomplished soft switch engineers. The BroadSource engineers distributed across Europe and Asia worked remotely and on-site with the client.

The success of this project demonstrates that EMU can scale to enormous capacity in the Cloud Collaboration environment and is providing Service Providers the capability to be able to showcase brand new Cloud Collaboration functionality in a highly accurate and uncompromised way. Coupled with our project engineering methodology, we provide end-to- end delivery, in partnership with the Service Provider, and provide them with a Cloud Collaboration solution in its entirety.

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