EMU 4.2: Enhanced migration features

EMU 4.2 adds enhanced migration features along with improvements to the functionality of the platform to enrich the management and provisioning of the BroadWorks platform.

The following list is a summary of the top ten features and enhancements:

  1. New inter-platform migration type
  2. New intra-platform migration type
  3. Five new selectable migration contexts for each migration type
  4. Enhanced support for Enterprise/Service Provider level migration
  5. Enhanced support for user level migration
  6. Customer files restore function added (Announcements and Device Management)
  7. Improved UI performance using caching of BroadWorks objects
  8. Improved performance of Backup and Restore functions
  9. Extended Backup and Restore function of the Enterprise/Service Provider & User level
  10. Support for Find-Me/Follow-Me service”

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About EMU

EMU is an Extraction, Manipulation and Update (EMU) platform for Cloud UC developed by BroadSource and specialising in the BroadWorks™ platform. With just one click, Service Providers can:

  • EXTRACT every piece of information from their BroadWorks™ environment to audit, analyse or backup customer group configurations
  • MANIPULATE thousands of configuration attributes in seconds, preparing for migrations
  • UPDATE, en masse, configuration settings, saving hundreds of ‘clicks’ and many hours