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Podcast: A Better Way to Manage IPTelephony Device Firmware


A new technology that saves significant time and cost is now available for Global Service Providers that need a better way to manage IPTelephony device firmware and its ongoing distribution to their customer base.  Existing systems and processes currently available to Service Providers do not manage the ever-growing complexity of rolling out new versions of firmware.  It is leading to inefficient practices, re-work and a lack of control in the distribution processes to hundreds of thousands of end point devices.

In this podcast, Haydn Faltyn, CEO and Michael Gliana, CTO discuss these developments. They talk about the migration of workers to remote models and the heightened use of a myriad of devices and the challenges associated with this shift to the “new normal”. Faltyn describes the challenge as a, “multiplier effect” which can create expensive responses from the providers without a mitigating solution. “We decided to solve what was thought to be an unsolvable problem,” says Faltyn, of a corporate direction taken nearly two years ago. In this podcast, we learn how BroadSource got its arms around the challenge, creating cost savings and solutions for the providers and much better user experiences for the final customers.