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EMU 5.5 Continued Innovation!

The EMU 5.5. release represents further advancements in BroadWorks platform management and Cloud Unified Communications migrations. As we continue to service the needs of our largest and most complicated Global Service Providers, we now have a range of new and important additions to the EMU platform to share with you. A new protocol, ‘NS-OSS’ has arrived, allowing EMU to interact with the BroadWorks Network Server (NS), allowing management of the NS features. For example, the Inter-Platform subscriber migrations feature can be configured to use this new capability to update the ‘Unassigned Number Pool’ on the Network server.  This further simplifies the Service Providers environment, removing the need for custom scripts and manual intervention when managing subscriber changes. This EMU release sees the enhanced ‘Advanced Rule Sets’ bringing further flexibility to Service Providers who have complex platform access policies.  It means EMU can support a number of techniques to allow or disallow access to the platform. A new storage mechanism for sensitive information within the configuration files is also available. This allows encryption of configuration settings such as passwords. A utility to manually encrypt and test these settings is provided allowing regular changes to these values. The ‘EMU Compare’ feature is improved when ‘All items in workbook’ is selected by reducing the scope of data retrieval from system level to individual lower levels (e.g. Enterprise, Group or User) . Enhancements to robustness, include:

  • Retry when BroadWorks servers reply with busy status
  • Enforcement of valid SSH connections
  • The ability to send JSON exceptions

Our EMU 5.4 customers saw the addition of R22 data retrieval.  EMU 5.5 enhances the performance of the retrieval by moving the data cache to the EMU server which also allows greater granularity of SSH timeouts for functions that support this retrieval. EMU session log directories now have the session start timestamp included in the session name to enable quick search and filer of the logs. 

About EMU 

EMU is an Extraction, Manipulation and Update (EMU) platform for Cloud UC developed by BroadSource and specialising in the BroadWorks platform. Used as a powerful portal for Service Providers or application development environment for IT and OSS/BSS teams, EMU is transforming the way Service Providers are managing their BroadWorks based Cloud UC platform. With just one click, Service Providers can:

  • EXTRACT every piece of information from their BroadWorks environment to provision, audit, analyse or backup customer group configurations.
  • MANIPULATE thousands of configuration attributes in seconds, preparing for migrations across, to and from BroadWorks platforms.
  • UPDATE, en masse, configuration settings, saving hundreds of ‘clicks’ and many hours.