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SecureCall Sidebar for Webex Calling

Deploying SecureCall as a sidebar embedded application means Webex Calling customers can securely take payments-by-phone natively within the Webex application.

PCI-DSS compliance is achievable for all Webex Calling customers in any sized business in any industry.

Activate you free test account.

First activate your free test account, automatically integrating it with your Webex Calling service.
Then test SecureCall using your own Webex Calling service. We'll give you a dummy credit card to use.
We'll show you how to embed SecureCall into the Webex Calling sidebar (and any other Web application) so that you can deploy it across your teams.
When you are ready to take real customer payments, subscribe to SecureCall and we will connect into your Payment Gateway Provider.

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A new way for customers to secure card payments over Cisco's Global Webex Collaboration network

PCI DSS compliance is achievable for all Webex Calling services in office accounts teams, retail points of sale and local government settings.