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Webex Contact Centre

Creating a SecureCall Desktop layout...

To configure a Desktop layout for WebexCC you will need to create a custom or modify an existing JSON layout file.

Control Hub Changes

  1. Once signed into your Webex Contact Centre Control Hub
  2. Select Contact Centre
  3. Select Desktop Layouts
  4. Select 'Create Desktop layout' button

Step 1: Complete the Desktop Layout Form


Enter a name that identifies the purpose of the layout.

Tip: add the extension “SC”to create a payments enabled version of an existing layout. That way, you can always roll-back.


Enter a description


Choose the WebexCC team(s) you want to apply the new desktop layout to from the drop-down list.


·      This will replace the Desktop Layout for the selected team(s), so next time the agents login, they’ll see the SecureCall layout.

·      If a custom layout is already assigned to a team, then that team name doesn’t appear in this drop-down list. For more information on the Team settings, see Create a Team under User management.

·      If you assign a custom layout on this page, you overwrite the global layout, which is the default layout for all teams.


Click to download the Default Desktop Layout JSON file and customize the layout as described Define a Custom Desktop Layout  or use our sample

Step 2: Upload your customised JSON file

Step 3: Click on the button and save a desktop layout


To verify the layout experience, see View Layout Experience on Desktop.

If the uploaded custom layout has validation errors, click Restore to restore the default layout. Try to validate custom desktop layout json format before uploading.