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SecureCall by BroadSource makes PCI compliant card payments by phone possible in Webex Calling and Webex Contact Center

Deploying SecureCall by BroadSource, as a sidebar embedded application, means Webex Calling and Webex Contact Center customers can securely take PCI compliant payments by phone natively within either Webex application. It means Webex customers (merchants) can better manage risk and escalating costs of Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance by outsourcing the card payment process to SecureCall. SecureCall is a Level 1 PCI compliant cloud, available globally, that integrates with Webex Calling, Webex Contact Center and BroadWorks service providers.

The business complication:
The risks for all businesses taking card payments by phone are high. The volume of payments by phone are increasing, and the cost of cyber insurance and compliance are escalating. As a business imperative, they are forced to continue to take payments by phone to meet their customer’s expectations (respecting the customer’s channel of choice) and meet their revenue targets (9% more cash for sales and 20% more cash banked for collections).

The SecureCall solution:
With SecureCall, PCI DSS compliance is achievable for all Webex by Cisco customers, who take payments by phone, in any sized business, in any industry. It is designed for both Webex Calling subscribers found in the UCaaS environments as well as Webex Contact Center settings. So now all users in retail, hospitality, local government, service, health and contact centers can achieve PCI DSS compliant card payments using Webex.

Haydn Faltyn, BroadSource Co-founder and CEO said, “We are thrilled to announce that SecureCall is now globally available on the Webex App Hub. This integration paves the way for a future where Webex users can confidently navigate the intricacies of PCI compliance, enhancing both security and customer experience.”

“At Cisco, ensuring the security of our customer transactions is paramount, and this partnership to integrate SecureCall with Webex epitomises this unwavering commitment in addition to our belief in offering our customers more choice,” said Jamie Romanin, APJC Sales Director, , Webex by Cisco. “By prioritising stringent PCI compliance, we provide our customers with a secure payment solution against an evolving cybersecurity landscape.”

Customers can benefit by:
• de-scoping their payments-by-phone transactions, demonstrating to their bank or qualified security assessor (QSA) that they are PCI-DSS compliant
• reducing annual cyber security insurance premiums
• reducing the costs of annual security audits
• reducing costly Mail Order / Telephone Order (MOTO) processing transaction fees
• ensuring no customer card details are shared or stored when customers pay by phone

To use SecureCall by BroadSource, visit SecureCall on the Webex AppHub.

As a Webex admin, use the Activation Page for your free trial account in your Webex Calling or Webex Contact Center organisation.

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About BroadSource

BroadSource is a global software development and integration company that delivers products to Communications Service Providers (CSPs) worldwide. Their latest innovation, SecureCall, provides CSPs with an untapped opportunity to differentiate their cloud offering. With SecureCall, Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance, for card payments by phone, is now possible for any sized business and has become the ‘go-to’ architecture for scalable and economical PCI compliance.

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