EMU 5.8 … Something to fluff your feathers about!

Melbourne, Australia | 22 March 2021 BOOK AN EMU DEMO or REQUEST RELEASE NOTES EMU 5.8 Expanding more support for external web APIs  Improving the data matching capability of EMU COMPARE and VERIFY functions Further enhancing session robustness, security and flexibility Key enhancement areas targeted in this release Platform: Web Hooks for external APIs Platform: […]


EMU. Something to fluff your feathers about!

Melbourne, Australia | 26 November 2020 BOOK AN EMU DEMO EMU was developed by BroadSource in 2015 to allow global telecommunications Service Providers to better manage the day-to-day complexity of subscriber configuration and migration. EMU performs many subscriber manipulation tasks that were once thought of as impossible and is perfectly positioned to allow Service Providers […]

WebexOne 2020

REGISTER TODAY We are proud sponsors of this premier digital collaboration conference Asia-Pac 9 & 10 December – 1pm to 5:30pm Join us for an immersive experience exploring the power and magic of  collaboration. Enjoy two full days of conversations with thought leaders,  luminaries, celebrity appearances, technology partners, and Cisco executives, plus over 60 technical sessions — […]